Someday your tray will come…….

I’ve always wanted one of these trays.  I picture myself laying up against my pillows in bed, my beloved carrying in the tray just like this, well……..almost…… definitely keeping the daffodil but add tea in the cup and maybe a blueberry muffin and a pretty napkin and a little frame with a picture of someone I love; maybe a pretty envelope with my name written on it, with a heart, a hug and a kiss…. oh and the controller for the tv too!  Of course, I’m wearing a bea-uuuu-tiful dressing gown, something feminine and old fashioned and my hair is shining and long,f lowing, curly and my make up is impeccable even though I only just woke up with, of course, a dainty arm stretching yawn.  The window is open and the fresh breeze gently ruffles my sheer white curtains and the fragrance of freshly mown grass sweetly scents the breeze.  I hear birds chirping through the open window and the day is glorious…. and all because I have this tray that I’ve dreamed about for oh, so long….. so yes, someday your tray will come.

Down to business, I bought this tatty looking thing at GW for $4.  it was dirty blonde wood with a white tray.  A little primer and ivory paint made a fresh start.  Then I cut out the selected wrapping paper to fit and glued it to the tray.  Ooops…. my first project in 12 years in modge podge and it got wrinkles….. oh well.  Now I’m thinking a little walnut wood stain wiped on would make it look at little old and possibly make those wrinkles look intentionally antique.  Maybe not, but I love the look.  I love the tray….. now I just have to make the rest of the vision come true.

Another shot……

and a large one so you can see my wrapping paper…. I love this paper.  It was clearance at Hobby Lobby… $2.99 for a huge roll.  I love it so much, if I could, I’d cover my bedroom furniture in it.  Okay, no I wouldn’t, but I love it nonetheless.  It reminds me of my sister…. and my daughter.  My sister is my fellow bird lover and my daughter is my bird.


One Response to “Someday your tray will come…….”

  1. Cara Says:

    This is so pretty!

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