Uncle Wiggly in Arizona….

I stopped at GW on Thursday before Easter.  Just as I was leaving, I saw a rack with bunnies and Easter baskets.  I walked right past it; I didn’t need no stinking Easter baskets.  Ahhhh, but something called me back.  I heard “Come look……. cooooooooome loooook”.  So I did.

There was this oh so ugly blue bunny rabbit, with a dirty paper ribbon around his neck and some of those little tiny tightly wrapped flowers.  Now that just wasn’t right.  He was far too regal for those flowers and that blue, not suitable at all.

I picked him up, deposited $4 in the cashiers hand and gently cradled my bunny all the way to the car.  He has a slightly damaged foot, as you can see in that first photo.  He was very brave and stoic though, not one moan or grumble.  He stuck his head out of the window all the way home, his long ears flapping in the wind.  Alright, he didn’t do that, but he wanted to.

First thing I did when I got home, was cut off that ugly paper collar and flowers.  He heaved a huge sign of relief.  Then I wiped him down and prayed him with a coat of spray primer.  This time around I used the Rustoleum 2x Primer.  Wow.  It is so much better than the Krylon primer.  I’m sold!

Then he got two very light coats of Rustoleum Heirloom White Satin.  Oh my goodness….. be-a-u-tiful.

I couldn’t love him more.  See what he’s sitting by, dear sister?!  It’s Uncle Wiggly books.  He reminds me of Uncle Wiggly.  He makes me deliriously happy.

I’m thinking he was so well worth $4.  If I find another one, I’m getting him for my sister.  She will love him too.


One Response to “Uncle Wiggly in Arizona….”

  1. Cara Says:

    It’s amazing what a coat of white paint does–he looks great.

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