Genius, I tell you!

Recently, the little guy in my life turned three years old.  Hard to believe, and while I loved the “little guy” stages he’s passed through, every day with him is an adventure and a delight, I am so enjoying the discoveries that come with him growing.

Take photography, for instance.  During our recent visit, he took a few photos with my camera.  He likes to do things for himself and BY HIMSELF.  But unlike a lot of children today, he actually listens to instructions and with gentle reminders of those instructions (he is, afterall, only three), he’s very capable.

So following my rules for using my camera, he took some photos.  This is an action shot of Cody, his puppy; the action being his tongue.

This is a shot of Cody that I think of as “being born”.  In the movie adapted from Stephen King’s book, The Langaliers, at the end the people are “born” into the current time frame, and they have this fading in kind of action.  That’s what this photo reminds me of…. Cody is being born into existance in the photo…. a reverse fading.

And here, to the right, is a photo of his puppy, Cheyenne, in that same artistic fade in style.

I tell you, the boy is genius!


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