Fat Lady’s not singing yet…but I hear music

Yesterday was a marathon of “table”.  And because it was such a lot of work, even though it’s not finished yet, I want to show a progress report.   I have before pictures somewhere;  I’ll try to find them before my final “ta da”, but I’m so pleased.

This is my dining table after it’s mega-sanding, and two coats.  She’s so pretty.  The chair on the right is the original “blonde” colour.  She was happy that way, but had that country feel to her, not to mention this girl had been used.  She’d been around the block and it showed, with paint splotches, gouges and a lot of wear and tear.  The wear and tear is still there, but now she’s black and proud.  Can I get an amen?

I’m off to work now, sore muscles and all.  Tonight, while watching DWTS, I’m going to review the situation, see if she’s dry enough to lightly sand the top[and give a nice final coat and then……………. a week of curing with a big sign above her so NO ONE puts anything on her.  Next weekend, a long one I might add, with a day off!!!!!  Next weekend, her final coat of a rub on poly and voila.  She’s done.

I’m going to go ahead and reread the instructions tonight.  Maybe I can finish her up tonight and apply poly tomorrow night, which means the week long cure starts then.  I can’t remember.

All I know is….. I hear the orchestra warming up and the fat lady is clearing her throat.


2 Responses to “Fat Lady’s not singing yet…but I hear music”

  1. Cara Says:

    It looks great.
    Are you doing the chairs too?
    Actually, I thought you were painting the desk these days–I’m all mixed up.

  2. Jaye Says:

    FABULOUS! It’s turning out so beautiful! I can’t wait to see the chairs all done. Great work 🙂

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