Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Okay, so my headline is not very original.  I’m in a hurry to get this up.

I get attached to “things”.  I believe that means I’m materialistic; I don’t think so though.  The things I get attached to are because I fall in love.  Sometimes it’s because it is a perfectly Cindy item, sometimes it’s because of where it’s from (ie my pebbles from the Acropolis in Greece) and sometimes it’s because of who gave it to me.

This mirror is one of those items.  I’ve always wanted a standing mirror.  For Christmas a few years back, my son gifted me one.  It was oak and matched my entertainment center, and so it sat in my apartment in the living room.  It was perfect.  For two years, I sat in front of this mirror on the floor, doing my hair and make up, listening to the morning news on the tv and preparing for work.

It sits in the master bedroom now and the oak wasn’t really working.  This is when the angels sing and a ray of ethereal light surrounds the laundry room cupboard over the Rustoleum 2x Spraypaint in Semi Gloss Black.

And then again, here at the mirror.  She’s a beauty!  I could never part with her; she’s one of my favourite things.  She’s been reborn…….. don’t we all just wish we could re-invent ourselves in just this way, just a quick spray of paint and out the door we go…… and people would say, Who knew?!


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