Prelude to a movie review

I have a review for a movie that I was really looking forward to, but before I can give it, I need to share a little background.

When my daughter was little, we fell in love (and I mean fell, hook line and sinker, deeper than the deepest point of the Pacific and more than chocolate, oh yeah….. much more than even chocolate) with a show called Road to Avonlea.  Sunday nights were reserved for cuddling in front of the tv and watching the Victorian series about the King family.  I swear I was born in the wrong era.  I wanted to crawl into that show and take up residence right in Avonlea (which is on Prince Edward Island).

As luck would have it, I believe it was about the 4th season of the show, two of the young stars were going to be making a publicity appearance at a small shopping center in Ottawa.  On that very special morning, Jaye and I headed to Pinecrest.  She was dressed like a Victorian doll, underneath her heavy snowsuit, and clutched a couple of the books from the series.

We waited patiently in the center of the mall, surrounded by hundreds of fans, all excited for our moment with Sarah and Felix, and our personal chance to shower them with adoration.

That moment never happened, at least, not like we planned.  The stars arrived, with their manager who announced they had a plane to catch back to Toronto for filming; it was to be a very shortened visit.  They had time to sign a few autographs and that was it.  The crowd was heavy and pressing and there was absolutely no opportunity to get anywhere near the front.  When they said goodbye, and headed out, I looked down into my daughter’s little face.   Well, no one disappoints my little princess; No One!

So, I did what any resourceful mother would do.  They were headed for the airport which was about half an hour away; so, so were we!  Out to our car and through the melting snow as carefully, but as quickly as we could.  In those days, Ottawa Airport was small, and the road in was a simple street.  We got to the airport, which was not busy on a mid-day week day, parked and went inside. Since it was empty, we scoured it easily, from top to bottom and there was no sign of our stars.  Finally, after falling on the escalator, and conducting a search worthy of the FBI, we figured they’d already gone through to their plane.  We tried our best, but it was not to be.

But, driving away, on that lone street leaving the airport, disappointed and a little teary, we passed a white stretch limo heading, you got it…. to the airport!  BINGO!  No other traffic on the road, I did the quickest U-turn I could, and followed them.  I parked quickly, we jumped the barrier and caught up with Sarah and Felix as they were leaving the limo to go inside.  We didn’t get a lot of time with them, but it didn’t matter.  There was no one else around as Jaye told them how much she loved them, their show.  She got her picture taken with them, they signed her books and when she told them she fell on the escalator and showed them her torn tights and bloody knee, she got a big hug from Felix.    It was great!

We continued to watch the series, faithful fans that we were, right to the last episode.   If you haven’t seen the series, you should look it up.  A sweeter, more heart warming, beautiful series you won’t find.

The Road to Avonlea, it’s cast of actors and actresses, directors, producers, even the guy who brought the actors, directors and producers their cups of tea, the whole production was magical and brilliant.  I crave it; to this day, I crave those episodes.  It is a classic.

Which brings us to the review, which I’ll share in the next post.  Til then, enjoy the photo of my Victorian doll.


One Response to “Prelude to a movie review”

  1. Jaye Says:

    🙂 Whenever I’m at that airport I think of that day. It was awesome – you are awesome for making it happen!

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