Glassware and Sweet Tea

Have I ever mentioned that I hate plastic?  Oh I was as hypnotized and mesmerized as the next when Ziplock came out with those incredibly handy multi-sized re-usable disposable bowls with lids.  I craved every size and shape.  And I admit, I bought them.  I had plastic flatware, plastic plates and plastic pitchers.  I can be as American as the next person; a follower, a *gasp* waster!

It took me a while to discover that I hate them.  The servers at Chili’s knew; I always ask for my iced tea in a glass glass because I hate drinking from a plastic mug.  Obviously, I’m just not that self aware.

Then I found these glass jugs at Goodwill.  I fell in love.  Not only with the fact that they’re glass and they’re heavy but they are pretty.

Who am I kidding; they’re easy.  For my sweet tea, I throw two Lipton Cold Brew teabags in a pitcher, leave it for 20 minutes to two days (I swear, it doesn’t matter!!!!) , remove tea bags, add Splenda and voila….. all done.  I brew two, sweeten both, pour one into the pink pitcher (with just enough left over for a glass of tea immediately!) and start it over with fresh brew.  That leaves one brewing, one in a jug sweetened and one in the pitcher ready to drink.   Sometimes one has some mint leaves added, sometimes lemon…… but always, good southern sweet tea.

I found the little glass “tupperware” in Goodwill too.  I made homemade jam Friday night for the freezer; this one caught the jam to be used now.

I’m down to just a few leftover plastic leftover containers….. when they’re gone, I won’t cry real tears.

I love the permanence of glass; the strength, the clarity and the beauty.  It feels more elegant and more real than plastic and everything just tastes better out of glass, colder and fresher.

Maybe that’s it in a nutshell.  It feels permanent; in a throw away world, it’s meant to be kept and loved, cherished and passed down.

Someday, I hope my grandchildren are pouring their sweet tea from these pitchers and sharing stories about how they were some of Nana’s very favourite things.  And there won’t be any dingy, pitted plastic in sight!


One Response to “Glassware and Sweet Tea”

  1. Jaye Says:

    Plastic sucks! Glass rocks!

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