Slightly Crunchy!!

I’m not very “green” or “crunchy”.  But I’ve decided, along with my glassware fetish, to try to incorporate a few more “green” ideas in my lifestyle.

The first was easy….. get rid of as much plastic as possible.  It’s an on-going battle but it’s well underway.  Except in my Study closet….. I admit my craft supplies are all in plastic bins.  I would hang my head in shame, but I need order in my craft closet and this was the best and most economical way for now!

Anyway, second thing was….. paper towels.  We used a lot of them, I mean, we used a couple of trees a week.   It was starting to keep me up at night.

Every challenge has a solution and this was no different.  Off to my local WalMart where I stocked up on the 18 for $4 wash clothes.  Rolled and placed in my tiered basket beside my sink, they are super convenient for anytime I find myself reaching for a paper towel.  They get used and tossed right in the laundry room to dry and then hit the next load of wash.

Again, I won’t lie to you.  We still have paper towels.  I don’t live alone…… and men are much harder to wean from the convenience.  I figure though, I don’t buy them and I don’t use them.  One out of three consumers in a household is much better!

I love my little white pot; it holds my dishwasher tablets.  The little fingertip towel holder is perfect for my dishcloth.  The oil bottle is my soap dispenser; with the drizzle stopper it’s cut down tremendously on the dish liquid wastage too.

Small steps, but they make me so happy!


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